Background app refresh not working

Did you guys ever thought of handeling the library external like i.e a docker. I would love to not sync everytime I open the app. Like yesterday I was watching a movie and wanted to continue in the bedroom but that AppleTV needed to sync for like 5min :melting_face:

I understand that you guys try to make it as user friendly as possible but as an option it would be nice to run a “mariadb” or a custom tool to host the library. If you run a Plex at home you can also run a library I would say…


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In my experience, it never did, and no app has ever refreshed anything other than ads in the background in my observation :joy:.

Not even simple IM apps, like Signal, Telegram, WeChat, etc.

Note receiving a push notification doesn’t mean it refreshes in the background if you still need to wait for it to download the content when you open the app.

I can absolutely guarantee it was working for a while. I could open Infuse on a device that had not been used for several days and the Library was updated with recently added and the “Last Updated” and “Last iCloud Sync” dates and times were within the last 24 hours.

No waiting for anything unless I had just added something right before opening Infuse.


I concur.

Hey, is there any news regarding this? I don’t know what we do differently, maybe i have a bigger library and mine is on plex or something but this has never worked for me.
This ticket is now open for over half a year, are there any plans to address this?

It’s in the mix.

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I don’t want to sound like a negative nelly, but a key feature like this that was supposed to work months ago, and key to a positive user experience should of been addressed prior to adding new features.
We shouldn’t have to wair until three more releases to see this fixed.

Just my two cents.


I fear that Infuse and James have completely lost their way. User Experience and customer satisfaction should be the most important aspects

Actually it did but when Apple changes some of the playing field it may take some time to first find the changes and then to adjust.

For now Infuse still functions like it did before background app refresh was even available so it’s at least workable.

We have been researching this for awhile, and it has turned out to be more complex than expected.

For some users, background updates work just fine. For others they work sometimes. And perhaps for some, they never work. Apple does not publish details on if/when background updates are triggered or how long they can run for, so these are likely always subject to change.

What we are currently working to do is implement a series of metrics into Infuse to better track the conditions that lead to background updates working and the conditions where they do not. This will better allow us to understand the common variables (iOS version, library size, number of pending updates, background sync time, etc…) which may be leading to issues.

Once we have a better understanding of what is leading to these issues, we can look at implementing improvements to make this process more reliable.


@james I understand the complexity behind this one and that it’s not easy to solve immediately. But on the other hand I also get the users like @d_lynch frustration. There are a bunch of obvious usability improvements (for example this one: Next Episode button without Continuous Playback ) which have been brought up by (me and other) users which would really improve the app by a lot with quite little effort (i imagine).
As a software engineer myself i understand that there’s a bunch of things you would like to do and don’t have capacity for everything but I think these things deserve some priority.

For the time being, we’ve got in the routine of 15 minutes before we want to watch something with Infuse we launch Infuse and go to the library settings page and let it run while we go back to live TV. Then when we’re ready to use infuse it’s usually finished it’s sync by then.

Far from ideal but that’s where we are at to use Infuse for now. If you need any further diagnostics let me know.

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Today’s 7.5.7 includes a few things which could potentially help improve things for people who are seeing issues here.

Infuse will now request background time for indexing no more than every 8hrs. In our tests, this appears to provide quicker access to push notifications/updates from iCloud - which are generally more urgent.

We will continue to monitor the metrics over the next few weeks to see if these changes help on a widespread scale, but feel free to share any feedback you happen to have after installing the 7.5.7 update.

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Been running 7.5.7 since release date and still not seeing any background activity. Is the eight hour time frame set to trigger a background update or is it just not supposed to ask for one before eight hours +?

Need any more diagnostics or testing? @james

Same issue here. I always have to hit the refresh button to load new content. Nothing has changed with 7.5.7 for me either.

It did work quite some time ago though (a year ago?), but I understand this was something that Apple changed that broke it.

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hello, same thing for me

Same here. Actually tight now in scanning my library after 5 days and it has been super slow. I have been seeing the “Syncing with iCloud” for over 10 minutes now. My frustration is that I keep saying to my friends about infuse but they say that it doesn’t work, the app doesn’t auto scan etc etc.

Is background refresh supposed to work on ATV? I couldn’t find recent information on this, only tweets from Infuse in 2017 stating that ATV can’t do it. I’ve been using Infuse for over a year but I’ve never opened the app on ATV without it having to pull all new titles upon launch.

I do occasionally use it on my iPhone and iPad, here I was expecting background sync to work but it has never worked on those devices either.

Yes. This thread has some interesting posts that may shed more light on this.

Today’s 7.5.8 update adds a set of additional metrics for background refresh that will provide us with more information on the background refresh paramenters available in the current OS versions.

We’ll be monitoring the data over the next few weeks to get a better idea of what we can do to improve things in this area.

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