I am not sure if “backdrop” term, but I am referring to the image on the main menu that shoes the recently played items (I wish I could turn that off, by the way). I have on very annoying one. It’s showing this image:

I don’t want that to be what shows up, but can’t seem to change it.

FYI - I’m using Infuse with my Plex Server.

You have a .jpg or .png (image) file in the same folder that your movie concert is stored in. The .image file will be exactly the same name as the movie except for the extension. Suggest you delete that file and let Infuse retrieve a more appropriate artwork from online.

Nope. All of my movies are in one folder together and there no image files in that directory. One file per movie and nothing else.

I just checked for you and someone has loaded the DVD cover as an official backdrop image.

As Infuse wont let you select artwork, you would have to change this at the source.

I noticed that as well, but it isn’t even the first image listed. So I don’t know why Infuse is pulling it rather than one of the others. I reported it there and asked that it be deleted.

Infuse will always pull the top rated backdrop, so in some cases this means a new poorer quality images gets used because it has a neutral rating, or maybe even a single positive rating.

Thankfully TMDb is a user-moderated database, so what you can do is up-vote the good artwork, and down-vote the bad artwork at this link (login required). Andrea Bocelli: Vivere Live in Tuscany (2007) - Backdrops — The Movie Database (TMDb)

I’ve just voted for each here, and the DVD cover backdrop already moved down to 3rd place. It’s possible this is all that was needed, so you may try refreshing the title in Infuse (via the Edit option) in a few hours (or tomorrow) to see if it pulls down the better artwork.

Having the ability to select which specific artwork to use is something we hope to look into for the future.

But you know, you can use a custom jpg/png as Backdrop (Movies only)? :wink:

Just name the picture filename-fanart.jpg!
This will replace the blurry Background Image with your custom file!

But unfortunately this only works with Movies, not TV-Shows… :-/

This would be really great James! And custom Backgrounds/Covers for TV-Shows also! You know I was waiting for this already a long, long time! :slight_smile:

I agree. That’s the number 1 feature I want is custom art for TV. The majority of my collection is tv shows (cartoons from 60s-80s) and I’ve got some beautiful art to use. Is the voting method something that works at the TVdb also?

Thanks for the heads up on this! I tried it out at theTVdb after work and it was successful. My only question, in the Infuse app it changed the change update a few series, but some have not yet caught up the change at theTVdb. Any idea how to force it to change metadata? I tried the edit function and always clearing metadata and starting fresh. I’m all kinds of excited about learning this :smiley:

It takes sometimes a longer time, until it recognized the changes wich are done at Ttvdb/Tmdb ?
Just try it again tomorrow^^

But you see it’s really necessary that Infuse can use custom Artwork for tvShows!

One further argument to use custom Artwork is the following:

Strictly speaking it is forbidden to upload a Cover Image to TheMovieDB/TheTVdb, because I’m not the owner of the copyright… ?

But it’s ok to use it only local on my own AppleTV!
But for this we need the possibility to use own Season-Cover JPGs etc. with Infuse ???

Please vote here for my Feature request: