Backdrop Inquiry

Inquiry for when you all have time to get too.

It’s been a little bit since Ive had some questions.

Is there a way to override the backdrops in TV series and Movies?

Its great you can override your own posters and cover arts if you choose too with

favorite-atv , season 01-poster , and poster in your TV series folders.

You all helped me with this a few years ago. And Thank you again.

Was just wondering if this option is available.

Here are a few images of my file folders and Backdrops.

Use the “fanart” options in this artwork substitution users guide. :wink:

Works! :grinning:

Took image I wanted and labeled it fanart put inside the Stargate Universe folder

Thank you!


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Thank you again for your help today.

More than glad to help! I wish all the problems were that easy to address. :+1:

And happy 4th anniversary with the forum! :birthday:

Thanks for the happy 4th. You guys are all awesome.

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