Back up when upgrading?


I currently have the previous Apple TV software and want to update to the latest version, together with the latest version of aTV Flash. I am then wondering what happens when I do both of those. Will I use all the movies that I have put under the “files” folder with aTV flash?

In case a back up is necessary, how is this done?

Thanks for the help!

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but I’ll do my best to answer. If you run the latest AppleTV update, you should not lose any data on the AppleTV. It is only if you do a restore on the AppleTV that you would lose your music, movies, etc. Also if you install the latest version of aTV Flash and already have an older version of aTV Flash, you can still go into the DVD > Files and you will still have the movies you transferred over before. As long as you put the movies in the frontrow > Movies folder, you will still see them. If you wanted to be cautious you could open up Fugu, SFTP into the AppleTV using the SSH -1 checkbox and copy all the movies onto your computer. Seeing how I do not know the exact question, if you need further help, feel free to reply. Below is my Fugu configuration.