Back Up Log or Summary

When I do the small back up it takes a few seconds and I can see that it has been successful.

When I do a full back up, it takes a long time (and I understand why, 100’s of films on my NAS so lots of metadata etc) but I tend to switch over TV channels and watch something. When I switch back it looks as though its finished but there is no conformation and I’m unsure.

So, I’d like to see a 3rd option in this menu that shows they type of back up performed, what was back up, date and time stamp and successful or not so as I have peace of mind.

So far, I have performed several ‘full’ back ups, but I have no idea if they have been successful or not.



Are the larger backups appearing in the saved backups list? As long as a backup appears in this list that is confirmation the backup was successful.

Partial or failed backups will not appear in this list.

Thanks James - If you mean in the ‘Restore Back-up’s’ then no, I dont, let me expand.

I’ve just completed 2 backups, the short quick one and the full back up. Done the short one, checked the log, its there, great. Now for the full one, thought for a change I would actually watch it. Glad I did, after a few mins, came up with low memory warning and the aTV rebooted. Checked the log, nothing there. Looking at the rest of my log, I can now see all I have is the quick back up (going by the file size) so I have no full back ups. Sent the diagnostics to you, in fact, sent you couple tonight as getting other error messages.

Also, didnt know I could go into this menu option to ‘check’ I had successful back ups. I automatically thought when I went in there, it would just ‘restore’ what ever back up I had in there last.

So, as this is not that intuative, can some kind of log be put on the front screen to check really quickly?

So menu path: Maintenence - Settings

Then currently you see:

Manage Backups

Backup Type

I propose adding a 3rd option here:

Back Up Log


Would you mind PMing me your AppleTV serial number so I can locate your diagnostic report?

Chances are your ‘normal’ backup is quite large, so large that the AppleTV has a hard time compressing and uploading it. However, it would be interesting to take a look at to see if there’s anything we can do.

Done James, Thanks.

Would also like to know whats at risk for not doing a full back up, for example, when the next unteatherd jailbrake comes for IOS 5, I’m guessing there are things I will now have to do manually instead of just restoring the last full back up?

Cheers for the help.

Thanks. We’ll take a look at your logs and see if there’s anything we can do.

You won’t actually lose anything by sticking to Normal backups. The missing parts (cover art, fanart, etc…) will be downloaded as needed, automatically, so you shouldn’t have to worry.

Thanks James.

Is this why my Metadata/coverart looks to be downloading everytime and doesnt look like its cacheing?


That’s actually a separate issue, and one that we’re working to address.

I’m experiencing similar issues, is there some way we could have a verbose mode for backups? some way we can tell how long backups will take / if they take?