Back Up files with ATV Flash? Please Help!!!!

Ok so I was browsing my ATV FLash using my apple tv and remote. I notieced that when I click backups it shows saved sigantures I have 5.0.2, 5.1 & and my current 5.3. I dont recall ever backing up my firmware, maybe I did maybe its automatic> I dont know. My question is if it shows that 5.0.2 is that a version that I can downgrade to? 


I dont understand how this works. Is it a saved siganture to the cloud thats identified with my specific Apple tv?


I would love to downgrade to 5.0.2…

ATV FLash starts backing up signature for present firmware and any firmware that come later automatically. So, it was probably put on when ATV was ay 5.0.2 and it automatically back up the other two.


You can downgrade to 5.0.2 via the standard seasonpass instructions. (i.e. right click create ipsw and choose 5.0.2)


Ok…But what does not make sense if it automatcally backs up. Whats the purpose of people using ifaith or tinyumbrella? Why would you need to if ATV already does it?

Apple tv doesn’t do it… ATVFlash does it. So if the device was never jailbroken, the blobs never got backed up.


ifaith and tinyumbrella are used to backup blobs BEFORE jailbreaking.


Oh I know that. I had it jailbroken before at 5.0.2. Im at 5.3 now. I want to go back. So if ATV flash auto backed up. I should have the Blobs as shown on my screen and restore 5.0.2 using season pass? Will that work or does apple still have to be signing it to be able to downgrade even if you have the saved shsh blobs? 

Just right click on the 5.0.2 option in SP 9.3.  If your blobs were saved, you should immediately start the IPSW creation process. 

If not, you will receive the dreaded “ineligible for this version” message.  Sounds like you should be good!

Good luck!

Using iFaith, click on the bottom left panel and check the blobs on the server.  Download the lot to a directory on your hard drive conveniently labelled so you’ll be able to find it.

Then, when done above, open Seas0napss 0.92 and it will ask if you want to save signatues, click NO.  Then right click, scroll down to 5.0.2 and right click.  It will likely say that the Apple TV isn’t vaild for that software version, so scroll down and right click AGAIN on 5.0.2  - It will start to download the IPSW and patch it.

It should then finish and ask you to DFU.  DFU and it’ll upload IBSS and IBEC and then it’ll run a script which opens iTunes and runs the restore to 5.2.  After seven or eight minutes it’ll either have worked, or not.



I should be able to downgrade right? Well I got the ineligable build pop up! Why I thought saved shsh blobs preventing this

Well, in that case why not take the time to read what I posted and follow it?


Well first off im on a MAC ifaith from what I reserched is a windows program. So I have tinyumbrella. But what I found is when itunes would try to run the script and look for the ipsw season pass downloads it would get stuck. So I had to to search my Hard drive to find it. Well I did and it worked! Im back on 5.0.2! Woo HOO!


Thanks for the insight