Babylon 5 Season 2 episodes not grouped into Season 2


I’m using Infuse as the player on an Apple TV serving media from Plex on a NAS. Plex correctly groups the seasons of Babylon 5 - five seasons + Specials.

However, for some reason Infuse groups everything correctly except Season 2. When viewing Babylon 5, I have Seasons 1, 3, 4, 5, Specials plus each episode from Season 2 at the same level in the UI.

Is there something I can do to persuade Infuse to correctly group Season 2 like all the others?

Check the file names for the season 2 episodes compared to the others that are working correctly.

Thanks for the suggestion - this was the first thing I checked.

The folder & filenames are consistent - here are 2 examples - S01 works, S02 doesn’t:

Babylon 5\Season 01\Babylon 5 - S01E01 - Midnight on the Firing Line.mkv
Babylon 5\Season 02\Babylon 5 - S02E01 - Points of Departure.mkv

I use the same file names for my copy of that show (though recently I added TMDB’s series year to all my tv series names, to match my movies) and I haven’t had this issue (before or since).

There might be a weird typo somewhere. That’s gotten me before.

Maybe copy/paste everything from season 1 episode 1 up to the episode title and paste that over the same portion of the file name from season 2 episode 1. And only manually change the 2 in S02E01.

Refresh, and see if it picks up.

Note 1: The second instance of (1994) is specific to the year the episode is released. Starting at S02E08 that switches to (1995) and so on…

Note 2: Now that I’ve seen this I need to go back and correct my title casing. That definitely should be a lower case O in “of”. I’ve actually written a pretty cool regex script for this concerning every conceivable scenario and exception. Because, OCD. :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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Can you post a picture of how season 2 appears on the Plex web UI?

Can you try using the Refresh option on the affected episodes (found on the episode details page) in Infuse?

I had a chance to investigate again this evening. I tried using Infuse on a couple of iOS and iPadOS devices. The seasons grouped as expected including Season 2, but the interface was different. Returning to the Apple TV this evening and the interface matches the iOS/iPadOS apps and Season 2 is where it should be. Perhaps this was a bug with the old version of the app?

Things are now as expected without making any changes. Weird, but good :slight_smile:
Thanks for the pointers!

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