Avoid popup in Couch Surfer

Hi, any chance to avoid the popup windows when browsing the Web? I'm trying to open a website but every time the popop appears and it seems impossible to go back.

Anytime i press the "back" button it reloads the popup...

How do I avoid this behaviour?

Thanks a lot!


Can anyone please help - I have the same probleme and no clue how to solve it.

Thanx in advance.


If I recall correctly popups are not supported in Couch Surfer. Is there a specific site you’re having trouble with?

Thank you.

I try to watch movies using the site movie2k.com

but it always opens some adds.

I’m having the same problem! That popup kills the whole page I’m trying to watch and I’m not able to get back to it! Help me! I’m trying to stream Fringe and Dexter episodes.

Any news on this topic?

Please help.