Avoid flattening TV show folders


I have all my tvshows in folders, not only the tvshow in itself, but also for different seasons.

That way, this is how I have organized my content:

  • TVShows
    ---- Name TVShow (year)
    ---------Season 1
    ---------------Name TVShow - S01E01 - Name episode.ext
    ---------------Name TVShow - S01E02 - Name episode.ext
    ---------------Name TVShow - S01Exx - Name episode.ext
    ---------Season 2
    ---------------Name TVShow - S02E01 - Name episode.ext
    ---------------Name TVShow - S02E02 - Name episode.ext
    ---------------Name TVShow - S02Exx - Name episode.ext

It happens to me, that when browsing through folders (not library), and when not recognizing the TV show (I have written other post related to this), Infuse shows all episodes in the root level, not respecting the folder structure.

That way, the navigation is worse than having every season in their own folder, since I have to see even more than 100 episodes in the same level, instead of having those episodes separated in their own season folder.

Is there any way to tell infuse to be able to navigate just as it is in the hard drive? respecting the folder structure…

Thanks in advanced.


It sounds like your trying to browse TV shows that aren’t recognized by Infuse using the “Others” section of the Library. If you create a Favorite of your TV Shows Folder It will appear next to the library on the home screen and browsing that will follow your folder/file structure you have set up on your server.

Currently, Infuse will flatten folders for a more library like experience.

However, with the introduction of the standalone library feature, there is less of a need to do this when browsing via folders and we’re planning to introduce an option to disable this in an upcoming version. This would allow you to retain the library experience when using the library, but have a more standard folder view when browsing via folders.


Would be a great feature, to navigate vía folder respecting their structure.

By the way… what is the “standalone library feature”?


The library is accessed via the ‘Library’ tab on the home screen. The library is able to group content from multiple locations tougher, displaying everything in a single place with options to filter by various categories (genre, release year, resolution, etc…).

A bit more info setting up and using the library can be found here.


is there any information about the introducing of this feature (standalone library feature)?

Thank You!

It’s been years. What’s the status on the standalone library feature?

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I agree 100%. If you are giving users a folders browser for the sole purpose of allowing them to browse their content directly, why are you messing with their folder structure?

It sure would be nice to finally disable this “feature” for non-library folders.

(I don’t mind if content included in Infuse’s library is flattened via the new details page with season tabs … but eliminating season tabs or folders when users purposefully organized their content into season subfolders makes no sense.)

To this day, any television-type content not indexable at TMDB gets flattened in the folders browser — regardless of users’ clearly preferred folder structure; regardless of clearly obvious tv season # episode # episode IDs in filenames [ TV Show (2022) S02E10.mkv ]; and regardless of the availability of completely TMDB-sourced metadata in local .nfo files — regardless whether the content isn’t indexable because TMDB doesn’t support the content or because Infuse can’t connect to TMDB (because the device is running offline).