Avoid adding share name to end of Direct Mode list names

why is it that whenever an item is added to the home screen, when using infuse in direct mode, it adds the share name to the end of the name for the “item” that has been added to the home screen?

lets say i add the collection “awesome movies” from editing the home screen. it then gets added as “awesome movies - nmbrg”.

so everytime something gets automatically added (like all collections added to home screen in plex) i have to manually edit and remove that part of the collection name in infuse.

this is insane, why would you set something like this to the default? who in their right mind wants to have that in the name on the home screen?

i really hope you made a way so we can turn off this behaviour, right? if so, how?
when i add something i want it to be added exactly like its named in plex, not having infuse adding their own things to it. you can hardly call it “direct mode” then, can you?

Many people have multiple servers connected to Infuse, so having the server name allows these to be easily identified.

As you found, the names can be customized to your liking, but dropping off the server name automatically isn’t an option in the current version.

Moving to suggestions.

I doubt that The amount of people using multiple servers on infuse are more than the people having only one. So i still find it weird (to the point of insane) that someone over there thought it would be a good idea to have such a setting the default.

But getting you to change it won’t happen and I’m not waiting around several years for you to maybe add some suggestion (that frankly you often dont).

So I guess I have to find a workaround or just start using the plex client again. The stuff you’re doing wrong on this app is just piling up unfortunately to the point that I’m very near to abandon it. (Not that you care obviously)

But anyhow, thanks for the info.