AVI Playback

You claim on your site that this software allows AppleTV to play AVI’s. What you don’t mention is that they are choppy and unwatchable. Is it possible to get support for this?

Your best option is to change the playback mode to Quicktime in DVD > Settings > Playback mode. This will offer much better avi file playback.

I don’t have a “DVD > Settings > Playback mode”.

I do have a “NitoTV > Settings > Playback mode”.

When I set this to Quicktime, there is no improvement.

Should I have a “DVD” menu option? If so, why don’t I?

What version of Apple TV software and aTV Flash are running. You can check your Apple TV software version in the Settings > General > About menu.

When nitoTV is installed through the aTV Flash, it will be renamed DVD. If installed manually, or if updated through the settings menu the name will revert back to nitoTV.

Ok, I updated the AppleTV to the latest version- then I updated to the newest aTV Flash version today. DVD>Settings>Playback mode is now set to “mixed”. No change in the performance of AVI’s. Still choppy- freezes a few seconds in and becomes completely unwatchable.

You have the same settings as everyone else on this forum - yet only you are having choppy and unwatchable playback of AVI files.

So let’s ask about your AVI files.

Encoded yourself?

Downloaded from Torrent sites?

Downloaded from torrent sites. They work fine on VLC, but don’t work on ATV.


If I were you (and i know this will be a pain is the ass) - but I would system restore to Apple TV software 2.1. If your Apple TV shipped with Version 2.0 then you would have to follow the links on this forum on how to get to 2.1 instead of 2.2

I would then contact the admin on this site for a private link to the older ATV software that includes the ATVFiles program - and then see if your avi’s will run.

I check this site every day and really, no one else ever seems to have this issue…

I dont agree with your sentiment that no one else has this issue. I do and I can find other people that do also.

Its either a codec issue or its memory leakage, eitherway I watch one movie and I have to reboot other wise the
whole machine slows to a crawl and the AVi files become choppy…

its a nice piece of code, but it has issues still to be fixed…

Hi there!
Please provide a little more information on your setup. Playing in vlc means the avi runs on your mac, right? Totally different story, then. What´s in the avi, codec-wise? Resolution? How do you get it on your atv? Streaming? Or did you copy it in your movies folder? External USB? Any differences in playback performance on this possibilities? You did try Quicktime as opposed to mplayer-playback but there are many more possibilities… You can´t assume to get a decent answer to a plain “it´s choppy”.
Granted there are a few people with troubles playing certain files, it does work in general. So there is a very good chance it´s not bad code but something screwed up.