.AVI over Airplay ?



For me it is not possible to stream/play a .avi file over airplay.

I have to activate airplay mirroring and that reduces my battery soooo fast.

Are you working on it or is it not possible to add this feature ?






It seems that the avi format, although ubiquitous, is in fact non-generic microsoft container format, and a rather old one at that, with all manner of different codecs to handle that have rather fallen from favour lately to h.264.

It’s a PITA, but I’m using the christmas period to transcode and remux all my video files to m4v format using handbrake (for non h.264 formats) and IVI.  m4v seems to be the preferred mp4 container in the apple ecosystem, so this seems to be the most future proof format to use at the moment (until the next one comes along).

Puhh I hope firecore can fix this.

I have not time to convert all my files.