avi movies and 5.1 ac3 sound support


I have installed patch stick yesterday to 2.2. version of Apple TV. It works. However, avi files with AC3 5.1 soundtrack are played in stereo. Is there a way to have avi files with 5.1 sound? What kind of dance around fire is needed? Please enlighten mystupidself, because if it’s not possible I see no value in this 50$ worth patch stick and btw it says on the front page that ac3 in avi is indeed supported.
Search did not produce any meaningful results for me.

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Mac_Power

great support, no replies :x

5.1 AC3 passthrough was missing in the last few versions due to the 2.2 Apple TV update. It will be included again in the 3.3.6 version that is set to release later this week. This version will also feature support for the 2.3 Apple TV software that was released on 11/19.

One more question been out of the mix for awhile and just updated my apple tv to the new software… 3.3.5 … you said 3.3.6 would be released later in that week… I’m a sucker for 5.1 and i won’t watch a movie without… What happend to enabling all of the codecs… and sapphire is gone? Am I missing something?

i’ve just factory-restored to AppleTV 2.3, then installed ATVFlash3.4.2. i was previously on 3.3.4.

now AC3 passthru has stopped working in both nitoTV(“DVD”) and ATVFiles(“Files”)(with AC3 passthru enabled). which renders my AppleTV useless for a heap of my stuff that has only 5.1 soundtrack. great.

is this just me? a feature temporarily lost in the current version(s)? or what? :slight_smile:

thanks guys,