.avi directly thru airplay

James you are the man!
.avi directly thru airplay, no mirroring needed anymore.
Subtitle problem is no more

Thanks for this great update

Too bad i only got one video file .avi that works
Anyone knows why? Maybe codec?

same problem here with Pro 3.
All my avi files are requesting for mirroring only.

No news from support about this issue?

Yeah, it’s probably codec. AVI is a container, right? So depending on format your iPad will treat it differently. I find it easier just to convert them with Handbrake.

Easier? honnestly it worked with infuse Pro 2 so it’s a bug for me.

AVI, MKV, MP4 are all containers which can contain a wide variety of videos.

AirPlay is strictly an h.264 protocol, though Infuse will provide a much more versatile platform for AirPlay since it can convert audio and some video on the fly. However, the video itself still needs to be at least some type of h.264 for native AirPlay to work.

I’m OK with that but why it works in Infuse Pro 2 and just worked few seconds after upgrade to Pro 3?

Is this the same video that worked in Infuse 2?

Just remember, all AVI files are not created equal.

Yes exactly the same.
I opened a case to your support (#58629‏).

In Infuse Pro 2 no issue woth these avi file to airplay to ATv.
In Infuse Pro 3, I have the same files. Just after upgrade I was able to airplay these video correctly (without mirroring) but when I tried again (after few hours) only mirroring airplay was proposed.


Just replied to your ticket with a request for a few more file details.

We’ll do our best to track down what’s going on.

I don’t use mij computer anymore and there is no app, but thanks for the tip