AVI chromecast issue

I just installed Infuse 3 (free) and have issues casting .avi movies to chromecast. The cast bar appears, but the message “Not available for this video type.” appears.

AFAIK Infuse 3 should support .avi chromecast casting.

Anyone know what the issue might be?


Hey! I have the same problem, i can’t play avi movies on my chromecast. Any solutions? :slight_smile:

Same problem also for me.

It’s likely these videos, while being AVIs, aren’t compatible with Google Cast.

A list of the supported formats can be found here.

I don’t know if google cast is the issue here, since I can easily reproduce through Videostream + Chromecast the very same files i cannot reproduce with Infuse + Chromecast

Since Videostream runs on a computer, it’s likely transcoding the videos into a compatible format before sending them to your Chromecast.

Transcoding is a fairly CPU intensive process, and just isn’t practical for mobile devices where battery life is a major concern.

Hi guys. 2017 is almost gone and this AVI problem is still there. I’m using Infuse 5 and Chromecast 2 together with iPhone 5s, Ipad Air 2, Apple’s Time Capsule. All AVI files i am trying to cast give me this message “not available for this video type” (see attached image). However “this same video type” is available when using other apps like Plex or File Browser. And I’m still casting with the same Chromecast 2. I’d prefer Infuse but
No problems though for MKV or MP4 etc.
Please check Infuse again.
Thanks and keep up the good work. I still prefer Infuse over all other similar apps.

Would you be able to upload a sample we can review here?

Hello James and Happy New Year!
Sorry for my late answer but I hoped for an email alert when you answered. I wasn’t aware you replied so fast. Right now I am uploading the files. Two of them. One with a demo (I just made) of what I am experiencing when trying to cast different video files (AVI, MPK, MP4) and one episode (AVI) used in the demo.

I used a normal TV (non-smart or however is called) with Chromecast 2, Ipad Air2, Apple Time Capsule.

If there’s anything else I can do in order to help you solve this issue please let me know.

Thanks - I took a look at your sample, and it appears to be an Xvid video.

Unfortunately Google Cast does not support Xvid at this time. Sorry.