avchd files

I have many avhd hd-files, but infuse won’t make a nice menu like with my mkv files, so now i have to convert all my avchd files to mkv? or is there something wrong at my side?

what do you mean by nice menu? it grabs metadata off of the file name. But if there is no metadata for those vids on TMDb, then you would have to make your own metadata (art, xl, etc.)

this is what i want but with avchd files i only get maps; bdmv and have to click the stream file in the map

By maps do you mean folders?

yes, one BDMV ( with the stream folder inside and the M2TS bestand)and one CERTIFICATE

Then to answer your question, nothing wrong at your side. Infuse doesn’t recognize the format and as it’s essentially a container, it shows you the folders.

So, if you want the nice UI then either request firecore to add support for avchd format or convert it to one already supported (mkv).

Maybe i am wrong but when you take the M2TS file and give it the name of the movie and place it in a folder, with also the name of the movie, then Infuse will recognize the file and handle the folder, cover art and media info. I know for sure that infuse plays a TS file. I tried that. I think that infuse will play your m2ts file as well. But you can tell quickly.