Avail. drive space & Sapphire Huh?

2 problems/questions:

1.) How can I see how much space I have left on external drives connected to my ATV?

2.) Sapphire either sucks or I don’t know how to use it.

Here’s how I’ve organized files on my external drive:

Example 1:


 subfolder = [i]Season 1[/i]
 subfolder = [i]Season 2[/i] etc, etc,

Example 2:

Folder = Action

  subfolder = [i]PG-13[/i]
  subfolder = [i]R[/i]
  subfolder = [i]PG[/i] etc, etc,

I’ve done it this way so my wife and kids can easily find the genre and rating movie that want to watch. Now, when Sapphire looks through my folders, like Seinfeld (I have every episode for all 9 seasons, 172 total!) it is only seeing the episode name and not able to recognize the folder/s it is in. So it looks up a file named “The Pothole.mp4”. Of course it doesn’t find Seinfeld or the season but, many other shows/movies not related.

Is there a certain way I should label the files so Sapphire will find the correct information? This problem seems to be happening with my movies as well.

Any ideas? Anyone?

  1. Not that I’m aware of. I have to plug it into my Mac to see that stuff. You might be able to check with an FTP client.

  2. I’m not real big on Sapphire either. There is a post on here that details the naming conventions that make Sapphire the most usable. Try reading that and see if it helps. You probably will have to change the naming convention on your files so that it can identify the season/episodes better.

I’ve also read that the version of Sapphire that was originally released on the 3.2 version of aTV Flash was a bit janky.

I don’t know when the new version will be out, but last I checked they fix bugs pretty quickly

Here’s the thread:

Read that up and see if what they suggest helps.