AV1 stuttering

I’m trying the AV1 support with a few samples and one of them is stuttering at some points. Namely this one :

It is a very high bitrate sample and as a matter of fact - it stutters on my i7-4710HQ laptop too. At the point of stutter the bitrate goes as high as 30-36mbps, so my question is : is it that the sample just tops the hardware limits of my ATV 4K or it is something that can be fixed software side ?

It might have something to do with AV1 being rendered by software instead of hardware on Apple products.

Correct. AV1 support is limited to software-based decoding right now, so some of the extreme examples may not play very well on the current Apple TV hardware.

Ok, thanks. This clears it. I though that’s the case, but had to ask anyway.

It may be my imagination, but the AV1 samples seem to play better in the latest versions. Is that a firecore improvement or is Apple implementing changes to improve AV1 performance?

There have been a few general performance optimizations in the last few releases of Infuse, which could help with AV1 playback.

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