AV1 HDR/DV Playback Support

Is AV1 HDR/DV playback supported on devices with AV1 hardware decoding? I understand that on devices with only software AV1 decoding it falls back to SDR.

Sorry if this has already been answered. I wasn’t able to find it if it has.

Thank you!

The answer is yes, Infuse does support AV1 hardware decoding in version 7.7.2.

Thank you. I know it supports AV1 hardware decoding.

What I am wondering is whether or not the AV1 hardware decoding falls back to SDR like the software decoding does or if the hardware decoding will play HDR/DV AV1 content in HDR/DV.

@james, is this something you know the answer to?

Just wondering if hardware decoding AV1 HDR/DV content falls back to SDR like the AV1 software decoding does or if it will play in it’s native format.

Please and thank you!

All devices which currently support AV1 HW decode (devices with A17+ and M3+ chips) also support HDR, so there is no need to fallback to SDR.

When Apple (presumably) releases a new Apple TV which supports HW decode of AV1, this will allow for both HDR and SDR output, depending on the device you are connected to.

Fantastic. Thank you! That is exactly what I was wanting to know.