AV Stuttering fixed with new Seas0nPass?

I see that Seas0nPass 0.9.5 was released to support unteathered JB with 5.3. Has anybody had a chance to try it? I would like to know if the HD video stuttering issues in XBMC 12.3 occur when using the new Seas0nPass.


Cheers all!

it literally JUST released. give it a bit. lol.

ill let ya know shortly if i can

I just installed and setup and everything appears to be working great now. No stuttering with HD playback.

It is not season pass it is a problem within XBMC itself that devs are working on.

I installed it the hard way. The addons work fine but streaming mkv over LAN is completely unusable. 


its not XBMC. It works fine tethered. 

Hopefully the problem will be pushed out via atv flash black and not require an entire re-jailbreak.

/private/var is now fixed. can access the home folder to install plugins.


as well, hd content previously that caused stuttering is no longer stuttering (tested over SMB).


all is well! seems there was indeed an issue with the patches interfering between the tethered and untethered jailbreak