Autoplay next TV show episode does not work 50% of the time since Infuse 6

since the update to Infuse 6, the next episode of a tv show does not play automatically. I can not reproduce this bug, but it happens, I guess, more that 50% of the time. I just get an error. It happens with every TV show.
James, does the Infuse team know about this problem, since there are more posts about this issue?
Normally I use to play tv shows and set a sleeptimer until I fall asleep. At the moment I can’t use Infuse to fall asleep, because of this.

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Although I have seen several posts about this issue, it isn’t obvious to me whether any of the people posting have actually raised a support ticket (forum postings are not support tickets) and sent any logs (Settings → Submit Diagnostics) to fireCore for them to investigate when this problem has occurred (also provide the name of the video completed so they can find the relevant place in the log).

I’m sure James would suggest this when he gets around to responding if they haven’t already found/fixed the problem.

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I just created a support request with a support code (right after I got an error again).

Thanks. We’re looking into a few reports of this.

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Infuse 6.0.7 with a few improvements in this area is now available. :slight_smile:

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Hi James,

I will try it today and give you a feedback.

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