Automatically skip intros (Plex)

I’ve been using PlexAutoSkip to automatically skip intros on my Apple TV with the Plex player, is there something similar in Infuse? I see that there’s an infuse API but from what I understand it only allows playing a file, not seeking to a particular time-code.


This may help

and in particular this post

Isn’t that just the skip intro feature? What I was talking about was automatically skipping the intro when it’s detected (ie. when the button appears). It’s something that’s possible with the Plex API (although hacky).

We indeed need the auto-skip feature. Currently, Infuse can recognize Plex’s intro and outro markers, showing a skip button, but it requires manual user input to skip. We require an automatic skipping feature where users don’t need to click; if markers exist, it should skip automatically.

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It would be great to implement it. The Plex client on non Apple devices is already auto skipping.