Automatically show „Next Epsiode“ button

Hi @james ,

Infuse has a cool new feature, that allows you to skip the last few minutes of a show and skip directly to the next episode.
Right now you have to click on the remote to show this button and click again then the button. The downside of this is that you have to guess, if you are already in the last 10% or so (I don’t know the exact %).
It would be cool, if this button would automatically be shown so you just can click.

The problem I see with this is that if you’re at the critical moments of a show and all of a sudden a selection button pops up it’s going to be real distracting.

I believe the next episode button was designed to be used to skip the end credits and if the end credits are running then taping the remote to get the skip button is easy and no distractions.

I really don’t want to see buttons popping up randomly. Just my choice. :wink:

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I understand what you mean.
However right now it’s kind of annoying that you have to guess the right moment to skip, especially some Netflix shows have very long end credits (with all dub actors etc).
Maybe my suggestion as an option to enable its a good thing.

For me I’d really like to see the Next Episode button be available any time you bring up the user interface during a video. Then like you said, if you get the EPIC netflix credits that go on for 50% of the video you can skip or if it’s only a few moments you could still have the skip button available.

This would also do away with the SWAG on how much credit time is needed and you could skip anytime you want.

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Yeah, that’s also an option, yes.