Automatically select a track of sound in the series

Faced an inconvenient problem while watching TV series. In all previous (hardware) players with which I had previously dealt, it was enough to select the audio track with the desired translation in the first episode, after which in all subsequent episodes, when viewed, the the same audio track in order was automatically turned on. Has included, for example, the sound track number 3 and in all the following series will automatically turn on the sound track number 3. It seems to me that this is both correct and very convenient. For infuse, alas, on any episode the first sound track is ALWAYS included. And you constantly have to rewind, choosing the track again.
It is very uncomfortable. Can I fix this somehow?

Unfortunately, this is not supported at this time.

However, Infuse will honor the ‘default’ tag when determining which audio track to select.

If you prefer to avoid this, you can change the Audio language option in Settings from Auto to your desired language.

You do not quite understand :slight_smile: What if there are SEVERAL tracks of the same language? For example - 3,4,5 different translations from German into Russian. And in each episode, for example, one would like to hear track №3. As I already wrote - many players automatically start the same audio track as in the previous series.
I would like to see it in the future and in infuse.

You could try batch editing the files to select track 3

Of course, I am familiar with all these programs :slight_smile: mkvtoolnix, etc. You can remove unnecessary tracks, change the order, etc. But it seems to me, that for an infuse it is much easier to do this :slight_smile: And such reproduction is logical.

True, but I guess it depends on how long you are willing to wait for this to come to infuse. With those tools you can make the changes today, whereas you might wait weeks, months, who knows how long before infuse may end up getting the feature that you want added :man_shrugging:t3:

So far, you have to constantly select the desired track in each episode. :man_shrugging: I hope the developers listen to me and make changes. :slight_smile: It’s not difficult at all :slight_smile:

Moving to suggestions. Thanks!