Automatically match/associate imported subtitles

First things first, I gotta say, I’m totally loving all the cool features that Infuse has right now. But hey, here’s an idea I’d like to throw in: how about adding a feature to automatically match/associate subtitles from the imported page?

Currently if i imported the subtitles into infuse , i have to manually click through the imported menu to select the correct subtitle for that episode ,each time i play a new episode i have to do that again. This is pretty annoying when i am trying to binge watch a series.

This is how i think the feature would work, Infuse would match/associate the subtitles from the imported page and apply to the current playing movie or episode. For example, I imported the entire set of Season 1 subtitles for the TV show “Hannibal”, Infuse would automatically select the subtitle file named “Hannibal S01E01” when I play the first episode.

It would also display other subtitles file with the format “showname.Sxy.Exy.fileformat” in the subtitles section of the video player.

This feature becomes very useful when users are playing files from Real Debrid. In such cases, users cannot place the subtitle file with the same name into the media location. Especially for Chinese subtitle,since there are not too many Chinese subtitles on OpenSubtitles , user have to almost always use external subs.
Edit1: FYI when i say “imported” i mean when you use infuse on macos you can select a bunch of subtitles and right click then open in Infuse

This is the only “negative” thing i have with Infuse. It would be really cool if you guys could add this feature.

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Edit2: on a second thought , even if matching the subtitles from the imported page would be too difficult to implement , allow the user to drag n drop the subtitles into the current playing video and associate with the video would be a nice alternative. Like how the other video player work : IINA and VLC.

Please implement this , this would be really useful. Up