Automatically enable English subtitles if soundtrack is NOT English


Searched settings but couldn’t find a way to do it.

Can you please add a feature where the subtitle track is automatically enabled for movies that default to a language stream that doesnt match the system default language?

So then if my system language is english, and I play a foreign movie (with a properly labelled audio track), it will automatically enable the subtitle stream.



+1 for this! I have been waiting for this function since I started using Infuse. It’s the one thing I find missing from this amazing product. Would super appreciate this becoming a reality.

If you tag the subtitle track as forced it will play automatically. You can do this using Mkv toolnix

Sure, and thanks for the suggestion. But with the many dozens of files, if not more, I’d rather not have to.

But thanks for the pointer.

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Yea I have way too much media to do that.

Also Plex has it built in, so I wonder if there’s a way to pass through or copy that over, if that’s easier? Either way this would be a huge help that would complete my viewing experience

Wondered if this is something being looked at in any way? Have seen a few threads about this over the last two years with no response. @james could we get any sort of insight? Would be great appreciated! Thanks in advance