Automatically download subtitles for all videos

I would love a feature where it would automatically download the first subtitle it finds if the subtitles in the selected language isn’t already available…


Is there a way for Infuse, to automatically download subtitles when the video starts playing? Something like the “Auto Download First Subtitle” option in KODI. (attached)



Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

+1 on that one

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+1… OR, just automatically download subtitles in the background when a new item is added to the library. (for those without an external subtitle present)

Why doesn’t this have more upvotes?

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  • 1 vote. For foreign users this is a must.
    This should be part of the discovery for new items.
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I would like to have subtitles added automatically, like artwork or the name of the series.
This manual list to select from makes no sense to me.
It’s trial and error, I never know what to select I’m sure you can make something better without human interaction.

+1 heavily

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Is this feature so unloved? Seems weird to me it got such few votes