Automatically detecting of TV shows as TV Shows from the iTunes library / How?


sorry if I’m too stupid to find the solutions if there is one out here.

Perhaps someone can enlightened me :slight_smile: .

All my Movies and my TV Shows are in my iTunes library. If Plex or Emby or “My computer” for itself are looking of these library everything will be showed like expected.

But if I add my TV Shows folder from the iTunes library to infuse…infuse will detect it as movies :-((((


doesn’t help me cause i don’t want to touch anything.

Is there a nutshell for dummies like me to add TV shows in infuse and they would detect it as TV shows?

Any help appreciated.

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iTunes organizes TV shows in a particular way that is not yet compatible with Infuse.

However, this is something we hope to support in an upcoming version.

Ok, thanks for information, so I’ll wait :slight_smile:

I’ve griped about the same thing. It would be a welcome update.

It amazes me how many people would suggest to rename files. That completely misses the point of having Infuse then.