Automatically Delete Watched Files


I’m taking this out of the pile to put it into new lights : I’m having the same question :slight_smile:

More precisely, I’m looking for a way to automatically delete watched videos after the next refresh of after a day or an amount of time I could define myself.

No idea if I’m the only one but it would be great.



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I’m moving your post to suggestions so other can add their support if they feel it’s a needed option. :wink:


First I want to thank all of you guys for this great app you really make our life easier I use infuse with apple tv and m iPhone. Keep up the good work. ?

I’ve been collecting movies since I can’t remember and every time I try to organize my library I don’t know where to start, so I just leave it but the problem is after while my drives get full, now I’m ether going to buy a new one or just delete anything to get the new stuff.

But what if INFUSE can detect and clear movies that I’ve watched and rated less than 5 out of 10 and ask me if I still want to keep those movies in my library.
Also you could make it configurable I mean the ratings and auto cleaning on/off.

Wish you all the best.

Hi all,

is it possible to auto-delete shows after i’ve seen them from cloud or SMB-server?

Couldn’t find this in options.


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Currently there isn’t an “Auto” delete that removes the files after being watched but you can enable File Management in the Infuse settings and that will give you the option to delete the file from the pre-playback screen.

Also if the show is enclosed in a directory with the same name i.e. a torrent video file enclosed in a directory with the same name, I would like the directory and all of its content delete automatically.
Also nice if the deletion of a watched file can be programmed o be a chosen number of days after it’s been watched.


Could an option be added to delete Synced Items after they’re marked as watched? I really enjoyed that option within Plex Synced Items.

Theoretically, I would dowoad say a show and only download the first two episodes, I would watch an item, gets marked as watched, item gets deleted and the next episode gets downloaded once I sync with my library again.