Automatically convert Atmos TrueHD to E-AC3 on the server side?

Hi! I’m using Infuse on Apple TV and I have it connected to my Plex server. As we all know, Apple TV is limited when it comes to playing Atmos content, and it only works for E-AC3. At the same time, I’ve been using Plex prior on Nvidia Shield, and Plex doesn’t transfer the Atmos information when it plays E-AC3 content, but it does support TrueHD. Strange world, I suppose.

In the end, I’ve opted for the Apple TV + Infuse route, as most of my content is E-AC3, but I would still like to take care of the TrueHD content.

I’m not extremely knowledgeable about video conversion and transcoding, but would it be possible to install some sort of a server-level converter that could convert the TrueHD audio in a video file to E-AC3? Maybe it could be set it up in such a way that it automatically converts TrueHD content upon detecting that it has been added to the server.

I’m also guessing that I would have to pay some kind of a license to Dolby in order to be allowed to do that, so if it is possible and not ridiculously expensive, I would be open to it.

Any ideas in that regard are welcome!

From what I gathered you need to studio masters to create an atmos file. There is no conversion possible (but we would all love it if there could be)

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Have a read through this thread, extensive discussion. Possible to get it done through proprietary Dolby Software which is apparently very expensive with user licenses.

Thanks, guys, clearly nothing can be done about this… for now anyway.

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