Automatic Theme not working

Hi, I use V6.4.5 on my Apple TV 4k.
I have setup Infuse to choose the theme automatically, but this does not work while using Infuse.
If Infuse App is running, because I watch a movie, over the point of time where the Theme change should happen, the change fails.

What changes is the color of the fonts, but the background remains unchanged.
So if I use Infuse in the Afternoon, at some point of time, the font changes from dark to light.
The Background should change from light to dark, but this is not happening. The effect is a light font on a light background.

If you exit the app to the Apple TV home screen and than go back into the app, the theme change completes and the background is changing to dark. But you have to leave the app to make this happen.

no reaction on that?

I believe this is a limit on apples side. Even on iOS apps have to be closed or minimized before switching light/dark themes.

if so, why is the font color changing from dark to light?

Don’t know Don’t care all I’m reporting is how my other apps work that have theme switching.