Automatic playback quality from multiple files

Is there any way to have Infuse 7 Pro automatically switch to a smaller file when streaming over slow networks?

I use Google Drive and have very fast internet (easily streams 4K) but my parents struggle to stream 1080p.

I can create folders for each movie with separate files with different resolutions.

Batman (2022)
— Batman (2022) 2160p.mkv
— Batman (2022) 1080p.mkv
— Batman (2022) 720p.mkv
— Batman (2022) 480p.mkv

Unfortunately there isn’t. Plex has that ability but infuse can only play what you select. Perhaps move all of the versions for your parents in its own directory that they can add as a favorite so they don’t get the high res versions as well.

Thank you. Yes, that’s been our current solution so far.

Plex is an option and I have a membership, but I was hoping for a solution without relying on additional personal hardware.

You can add a like to this thread

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