Automatic metadata updates from TMDB

Something has changed recently (guessing around a month or so ago) with Infuse no longer auto updating movies if the Age Rating classification has changed on the TMDB entry. I used to able able to go into an Age Rating page and Infuse would auto update artwork, etc. Still does artwork, just not certification status. If I “Edit Metadata”, then it correctly re-reads the TMDB entry and uses the correct classification.

Does that make sense?

My use case is that I have my Language settings at “English (Australia)” as I want Australian ratings shown. Some content doesn’t have that listed and defaults to its US rating. I add the Australian release details to TMDB, wait 24-48 hours and bingo, all fixed. But alas, not automatic anymore.

UPDATE: Forcing an edit on one, causes all updates on a Rating page (eg. PG-13) to be made