Automatic "mark as watched" with grace period


Setup: Plex + Infuse as Client + tracking watched state with Trakt.
Continous playback on for TV shows.

  1. Question

It happens quite often, that I watch an episode of a TV show until the end and the next episode starts automatically. Until here, that is the expected behaviour.
Sometimes I quickly change my mind (you know: “I should rather go to bed, 3 hours of sleep will not be good for tomorrows day at work …”) and stop the playback.
This usually gets the episode, that only played for a few seconds, marked as watched.

Is this the intended behaviour?
I would rather like to to see something like: If less than 10% or x minutes of a movie/episode was played, so not mark it as watched.
As well as: If total runtime - 10% was watched, mark it as watched (as I dont watch the credits except I expect some after-credits scene.

  1. Problem

Some paused playbacks, that I can definately see, using Plex as a client, are not being displayed as currently playing using Infuse. Starting these movies in Infuse will not prompt for “continue at xx:xx:xx” but instantly start from the beginning.
Is this a known issue?
(I only use Infuse for Playback, the Plex Client was only used to verify this issue)

You might want to take a look at this thread and see if it’s along the same lines as your problem. Plex episode is marked as watched if you cancel playback immediately after episode has started

It’s been running a few days and may be similar so you could add your help to it.