Automatic library scanning

I’ve recently switched over to Infuse from the Plex ATV app, and I’m really enjoying it so far. One thing I miss is the way that Plex will automatically detect new files, and immediately show them in your library. With Infuse, it seems to take much longer, even if I’m linked to Plex Media Server. I’ve seen references to automatic scanning, but it always seems like I have to go back to the main screen and force a manual scan to get files to show up with any sort of urgency. Is it possible this isn’t set up correctly on my device?

would be neat if the Infuse App was websocket aware so the library updates could get pushed via Plex/JellyFin/Emby from the backend.

Automatic scans will take place when launching the Infuse app, and periodically if the app is left open. You can also trigger a scan manually from the home page, if needed.

If you are using Emby or Jellyfin, you can install the InfuseSync plugin on the server which will provide near instant updates when files are added or changed on the server. Unfortunately, Plex does not support plugins so this isn’t possible to use there.

Is there anyway this could be accomplished by a sidecar process that maintains a websocket connection to the upstream Plex and is available on a specific subpath of the plex URL?