Automatic Frame Rate and Dynamic Range Switching Over HDMI (iOS/iPadOS)

It’d be awesome if Infuse supported automatic frame rate and dynamic range switching over HDMI on iPadOS.

Currently, you can manually switch between SDR and HDR modes in Settings, but frame rate cannot be changed from 60Hz.

This feature would work on all iPads with USB-C and was being investigated by Firecore in 2018.


It would be great to have frame rate matching. I use Infuse with an external display quite regularly and having 23.976 fps content displayed at 60 fps is not smooth. I found no way to force the tv to 23.976 fps.

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When “allow display mode changes” is selected under the external display in iPad’s settings, Infuse does NOT match the frame rate and dynamic range of the content being streamed. Apple TV has similar settings that ensure the frame rate and dynamic range of the content match what is being displayed, and Infuse does match correctly there.

This means that when the iPad is connected to an external display, any content, whether 720/1080p or 4K at any frame rate is displayed at 4K@60Hz. Content is also forced to the dynamic range selected in the settings, so SDR and HDR content is displayed in Dolby Vision, if the recommended Dolby Vision setting is switched on (or HDR/DV content is displayed in SDR if SDR is selected).

The only app I’ve found so far that can reliably match the frame rate and dynamic range of the content is Youtube.

Could you kindly look into this?


I’m using an iPhone 15 Pro with a USB-C to HDMI connection to play videos on a 4k TV. If I play a movie from Apple’s own TV app then it will play at 4K HDR with the frame rate matching the source material (eg. 24fps). However, if I play a similar video on Infuse Pro then it will still play at 4K HDR but the frame rate is always 60fps, which means that you see micro-stutters as the video plays.

Is this a limitation of Infuse, or is there some setting I’m missing?

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Same problem with iPad / iPhone 15 pro usb c and hdmi. It would be nice if the frame rates matches like the Apple TV App already does.

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