Automatic Forced Subtitle

Hi all, there is a way to set automatically the forced subtitle??

Mine show up. For the video file I set the subtitle with the forced and default flags, and then in Infuse I turn off “Show Subtitles” but the forced subtitles still display.

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What I need is that forced subtitles are active automatically all time, for every film

What format are your files in?

File srt inside the mkv

in that case the first thing you need to check is if the subtitle stream (within the mkv) has the appropriate flag set to ‘forced’. You should download mkvtoolmix and from that package use mkvmerge to load the file, highlight the subtitle stream and check under ‘general track options’ what options have been set. If it has not been set as ‘forced’ then you can open the file - again from mkvmerge\file\header editor. Once open go to the relevant subtitle stream and set the header to ‘forced’ and save.

Then follow @timstephens24 instructions in the second post.

ok, I’ll try

Sorry for my bad english. I have the same Problem. I have set the forced flag with mkvmerge header editor and saved it but Infuse will not show the forced subtitle. What can i do?

Nobody can help me?

Not if you have followed the previous instructions. Make sure you have 'show subtitles turned OFF in infuse.

I followed the Instructions and the Option Subtitle is OFF.

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