Automatic Folder Organization

Hello there,

I’ve been looking around for this, but can’t really think of what to even call it, which makes it a bit more difficult to search for.

I’m looking for an app/plugin/setting that would allow Infuse to manage my folders. The best example would be in iTunes, the “Keep iTunes Media folder organized” setting. Something that uses metadata to create and manage a folder structure.

The dream, for me is that I simply have one folder on my NAS that I drop downloads into and it would take it from there.

Appreciate any help you can give.


While the “One Big Pot” approach would be awful difficult to maintain on a NAS, Infuse can do just that as long as you get your file names correct and you use the library to browse your media collection. You can put all of your video files into one folder and Infuse will sort it out and display it in the “Library”.

Not sure what you want but is Sonarr and Radarr what you are looking for?

Thanks for your help, everyone. I may look into writing a simple script that can do this.

And Rabalder, no, not quiet what I was looking for, but they look like interesting products!

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