Automate upload to Google Team Drives


I am in search for an automated way to upload whenever there is a new file in a folder to google team drives, while keeping the folder structure.

I tried the backup & sync tool from google.
Which does the job so far, BUT it does not uploads into “my drive” but into “Computers” instead.
I am not sure if its a config error in my side, but so far I have not found a way for infuse to acces this folder. I can only see “my drive” and “shared with me”

I hope someone can help ?


Use rclone: Google drive

Thanks, seems like the only option left ?

I would consider rclone the best option available, not “the only option left.” It’s the first option to consider, not the last. Rclone is better than any option out there.

When you want true, boundless automation, you want a command line and scripting knowledge. You’ll be hard-pressed to find some GUI for everyone’s needs.

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Going to try it too.

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