Autologin in the web site

Could you please have an option (or tell me where it is, if there), to remember the login for a couple of weeks after the last access? I am a lazy b…, I hate to have to login again every few days. Thanks!

Are you talking just recently or over a long time? I know they have been doing site updates recently and it seems that often after some of those we have to re-login. I just had my web browser remember the login temporarily to get through the updates.

Looks like the default session length is 2.3 days…does that sound about right?

Looking into options here…

Added an option for this.

Log out and log back into see the change.

Note: You still may need to re-enter a password when accessing sensitive pages, like account details, orders, etc…

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Yup, that’s what I was asking for! Thanks James! One last thing, how long would it last? Forever (or until I delete the cookies)?

It’s like 19 years, so yeah pretty much forever, or until you choose to log out.

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Perfect! Thanks!