Auto vs. Passthrough - LPCM 2.0 on Receiver via ARC

So I have a pretty simple setup - a Samsung 4K TV and a Bose 520 Cinemate surround system. The Bose 520 does not support 4K HDR via its own HDMI inputs, therefore I need to connect most of devices directly to the TV and return audio back to the Bose via the HDMI Arc channel.

For longest time, I have been in search of a Plex Media player that can direct play everything I throw at it (including PGS subtitles).

I just got an Apple TV specifically to try out infuse and it perfectly plays back video but I’m having big trouble with the audio.

When I have it set to auto, if will output LPCM but my Bose will only report LPCM 2.0. after carefully examining different surround tracks, I have determined that my speakers are in fact not outputting surround 5.1 but instead 2.0. My Samsung has two settings in its own Audio, “PCM” Or “Bitstream” and I’ve played around with both to no avail…

So I thought, well at least just getting basic Dolby and DTS to Passthrough would be ideal. When I set audio to “Passthrough” I get large static sound and especially can’t get DTS to Passthrough properly to my receiver.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to how to get my issue fixed, short of buying a brand new surround system?

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When using ARC, it will be best to have Infuse set to Auto and the Apple TV set to Dolby Digital 5.1. Then, you should also have your Samsung TV set to Bitstream.

This combo should allow you to get 5.1 audio on your Bose system.

Thanks James, was trying to figure out how to get DTS to work (either as lossless LPCM 7.1 signal sent to my receiver or the DTS track Passthrough). I was hoping that the some LPCM uncompressed method would give me the highest audio fidelity; but it seems like my receiver won’t pick up more than 2 channels via Arc.

Dolby digital files seem to work well but most of my library is DTS which makes it challenging to get audio to output correctly.

I read another thread and it seems before tvOS 11.3 with Infuse, you could Passthrough DTS and that had stopped working since 11.3. I think if I had a solution to that, that would fix most of my issues.

Unfortunately, normal Dolby/DTS passthrough isn’t available in 11.3 and later.

Instead, you can set Infuse to Auto and the Apple TV to Dolby Digital 5.1. This will cause Infuse to send whatever audio you are playing (Dolby, DTS, AAC, etc…) to the Apple TV, which will then pack it into a Dolby 5.1 container which will work with ARC.

On a related note, we are working to encourage Apple to add official passthrough support, and more info on ways you can help can be found here. Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

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