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I would like to know if it is possible to implement auto switch resolution feature in infuse menu.
I miss a lot this feature from android media players (I have had a Zidoo X9S before) and my TV (Sony XF90) has an excellent upscaling to 4K, better than ATV.
I don’t know how that infuse is able to call/trigger the resolution menu and switch back when exit from Video, in theory should be possible like Kodi does on Android OS.

It would be ideal if Apple would implement this…

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Infuse is able to switch the frame rate and dynamic range automatically to match the video being played. To enable this, just switch on the Match Content options on your Apple TV as described here. About frame rate and dynamic range matching on Apple TV - Apple Support

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I am aware of both settings and activated since day 1. Auto switch resolution it is an important feature when you have a 4k TV with good upscaling feature. It should not be forced like it was with the forced hdr mode in previous versions of tvos.

Ah, sorry I misread your post.

Unfortunately, apps do not currently have the ability to adjust the resolution. If you prefer to do this, it would need to be done manually through the Apple TV > Settings menu.

FWIW, Infuse’s upscaling was revamped this past fall and is now is pretty darn good. :wink:

I know it has a good upscaling mode but not as good as the TV has. If I manually switch ATV to 1080p to match movie format, the image is a bit sharper than image upscaled by infuse (and ATV in general) being a little soft. With 720p content the difference is very obvious in favor of TV upscaling.
I guess you cannot implement this feature because tvOS won’t allow it.


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Can you report/ask to Apple if they can add this feature along with the other two (framerate switch and dynamic metadata)?

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Your input can help too if you enter your suggestions and problems here Product Feedback - Apple

I have done a suggestion to apple feedback. Finger crossed!
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I do absolutely agree, and sent a request to apple as well.

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