Auto-switch refresh rates on new AppleTV4k

Hi guys

Just stumbled on this product and am very impressed. Plays everything on my new Apple TV including all formats.

While the screen frame rate is completely configurable on the new box, is it possible to change it automatically depending on content ? Or has Apple restricted this?

Failing that is it possible to include the frame rate information in the film title / resolution section in the pull down menu so I know when I need to switch from 24p to 25/30 etc?



Apple has restricted mode switching. When you set the box up the first time it detects the optimum out put based on your TV and then sends everything at the resolution and frame rate. It then does some fancy and not always optimal up-scaling/processing of the image to match the output it has selected.

At the moment there is no auto switching. That’s a deal breaker for me. I’ll wait until a firmware upgrade allows auto switching.

Ah that’s a shame. I have not seen a device that can do such smooth playback of super high bit rate 4k mkv’s. Of course there’s no single ‘optimal’ frame rate for 24/25/30 unless you support 600fps :slight_smile: bit of a limitation from Apple. Maybe they’ll address it…


I have the Minix U1 which supports frame rate switching and the Apple TV 4K and my perception; is that the Apple TV plays the 24fps movies even smoother at 60fps; but I don’t know how it manages that!

Well if your defaulting to 25fps then it’s only ‘1’ different frame per second, you can can slow down / speed up or drop content, I personally notice. Some people don’t…

It’s 30fps vs 24 which is more painful… you’re not noticing the 3:2 pull down. Lucky you :slight_smile:

Could also argue to go further and not just make it about FPS. For each resolution and FPS you could choose what you want the decide to do. Eg. Don’t upscale 1080p to 4k let my TV do it, or don’t try and use HDR for an SDR film…

I’d settle for simple FPS matching to start with :slight_smile:


FYI, Apple doesn’t (yet) allow apps to modify the output frame rate, but we’re hopefully they will enable this feature in an future tvOS update.

Fingers crossed!