Auto scan?

Hello guys,

I remember that my Apple TV used to do an auto scan to all my library. How can enable that option again? I use GDrive.

In Settings > General
Metadata Fetching On
Embedded Metadata Off

In Settings > Sync
iCloud Sync On

Make sure the shares you want scanned are checked on the Settings > Library page.

This should get you what you’re asking. Infuse will sync when first launched. You can go to the Settings > Library and watch the status on the lefthand side. Once it says Last Update… it should be done.

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Thanks mate,btw there’s a way to do it in background? Months ago I used to leave infuse opened in my Apple TV and it worked but not anymore.

Go to the settings in the ATV and go to General > Usage > Background App Refresh

Make sure Background app refresh is on and if you can make Infuse the only app turned on to use it.

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