Auto resume downloads

I think I’ve pulled a muscle from reaching over to my iPad for the 50th time to resume a download from my network that keeps stopping. It’s a big file so it takes a long time. Makes me think though, instead of needing to lean over and press three buttons to resume each time, wouldn’t it be swell if it auto resumed whenever it stopped for whatever reason. If it stops 100 times for a 60GB file over an hour, then it would save users an hour of the time and 150 different button presses. Just an idea.

I’m timing this one and it stops after about each half percent. That’s 200 resumes required, 600 button presses, and well over an hours time. Surely if it auto resumed it would require only one button presses, and one second of your time because you can leave and come back to it. Even Plex supports auto resume for downloads and Plex doesn’t cost a cent.