Auto play, Group, sort for Arabic series

i am huge fan for infuse and been using it for more than 3 years now. lately, i was introduced to some Arabic series and i have noticed the below bugs; not sure if i am doing something wrong or it is related to infuse development.
basically, i rename the file name from Arabic characters to English, to be something like “Temporary name S01E01, etc… S03E30”. Now infuse usually, infuse group Series in like a folder view, you press on it and then you ends up with a list of only the episodes in this visual folder, even having multiple season will ends up in the same folder and automatic play will work.
Now when it comes to the Arabic series “renamed”, i am ending up with all episodes listed in the main infuse window and not grouped, even they do not play in order / automatic. when the episode finish, it return to the main window.

any advise?

i am using iPad Air 1 with latest ios and infuse version.

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Are these series listed on ?

Are you using list view, or poster view?

yes it is:
i used both views