Auto Pause

New here. We are testing video players for a music show. One man operation on stage fires videos from Apple Watch. Need this player to pause playlist between videos automatically. Is this possible or do we need to look elsewhere. Which would be a shame cause it’s the most professional we’ve came across.

Thank you

It’d probably be better if you would try Infuse and see if it fits your needs. The free version does handle custom playlists so you could create a test playlist (just as a test make sure you don’t have any videos that require the paid version) and see if it does what you want.

Normally Infuse doesn’t continue playing the next item unless you set it to, but it sounds like your situation may have some nuances that would be best for you to try first hand.

I did. That’s why I’m here. Tried every switch. Figured it’s something I’m missing. It either goes on or back to the menu page after one video.

Are you looking to go to a blank screen after each video until play is pressed again? If so that’s not something Infuse can do right now. It either plays videos in a playlist one after the other or it will play one and then return to the preplayback screen so you can decide what you want next.

Are you looking to specify a certain delay when playing videos in order? If so, then unfortunately this is not available in the current version of Infuse.

You can however set a folder of videos to play in loop or random shuffle mode.