Auto/legacy streaming cache on macOS?

I’ve just noticed that infuse has been made compatible with m1 Macs in the App Store. I’m quite satisfied with streaming experience in either of those two settings.
It’s just m1 Macs have some issues regarding disk usage. It’s not severe but I do have almost 10TB usage on my 16GB RAM MacBook Pro. Based on what I found about this setting in the community, ‘auto’ uses disk space to cache video data while ‘legacy’ use RAM. So if I want to minimize disk usage, Iegacy is the option right?

That may be true for tvOS but not sure if it works the same on macOS. Since you have a lot more RAM than the Apple TV it might not use disk as much. @james any details on this one?

The Auto/Legacy options should work the same on Mac as they do on iOS/Apple TV.

If you want to minimize disk cache usage in Infuse you can switch to Legacy.

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Thanks a lot. If playback experience remains smooth as it is now then I’ll stick with ‘legacy’.

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