Auto generate episode artwork is gone?

Normally on the Episode that doesn’t have episode’s artwork, Infuse will auto generate artwork from random frame in the episode, but now it shows series cover instead. Has it been changed in recent updates ? How to change it back ? Because it harder for me to know which episode I want to watch.


  • Switched to series fanart when an episode has no image

Just curious. Don’t you want to watch the latest unwatched episode? Regardless does a screen grab from 30s into the show tell you anything about the episode or is it that the episodes are differentiated and so it is easier to visualize?

I usually rewatch my favorite tv show (which I watched the whole thing more than 10 times). And normally I skip some episode or sometime just jump to my favorite episodes. I can remember which episode to watch from the screen grab, but now it seem impossible to tell unless I can remember all episode number (They had almost 100 eps). I hope it has option to turn it back or I need to manually put an episode name on TVDB…

Example of the screen grab.

Not trying to pile on but wouldn’t the episode title or the synopsis be a reminder of what you saw too?

If not, you can always join TMDB and add episode art as long as it fits their requirements and rules.

Or better yet you could open a suggestion so that everyone who feels the same can choose between auto generated screenshots vs what is in now. I think that would be a good option to have people choose vs being railroaded.

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