Auto-framerate temporisation


Following tvOS upadte with auto framerate would it be possible to add in Infuse settings the capability to toggle on/off a temporisation before starting to actually read the movie / tv show. (Off by default)

Indeed, as I think some of users, I use infuse to read movies / tv shows on a videoprojector.
This one is connected to the aTV through a HC amplifier and (there is the point) through a wifi-based video transmitter to avoid cabling.

Adding synchronisation of both the amplifier and the video transmitter to the aTV one when switching from 1080p50 to 1080p24 can lead to a 10-15 s black-screen before having the video displayed.
This is somehow acceptable for movies (as they usually have the start generic during that period of time) this is barely unusable for tv shows as they usually start directly and I have then 15s of sound without image.

Due to that, I cannot use the 24p capability of the aTV.
So a tempo option would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


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